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It seems like everyday as we browse through the Look Book, at least one person mentions a celebrity who influenced or inspired their look.

This group is to share those looks and let others see how you're inspiration can inspire them too! Whether you copied the look right down to the smallest detail, or if you used their look as a spring board for your own awesome creation, share them here!

Be sure to post the picture of the celeb's outfit with your look so we can compare/contrast (also note the source of the pic). And remember, imitation is the highest form of flattery!


Posted By VSug on Jul 23, 2008 at 2:39AM

What a fun woman to dress! WE BEGIN with Anna Sui's black cropped and tailored jacket, just perfect for Kim's femininity with the puffy shoulders, and enhancing, as Brit calls it: her, derrier (sp??)....Lots of gold jewels with rich eyeshadow colors and tight-water-proof mascara that serves to adorn. Add to that a pair of high-heeled yellow sandals that only a similar diva (Gwen Stefani, for L.A.M.B.)could have imagined and then designed (and so match Kim's beautiful skin). Necessary, of course, is a decorative and form-flattering black stud, waist cinch belt -- ALL with an expensive, multi-colored Prada tote that brings all of these pieces together in a cohesive, gorgeous, S-E-X-Y Vibe !!!

But, what do YOU think?